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38 days out!

On day 37 we finally received our staging information! I will be flying into Houston, TX on September 25th, leaving Pensacola at 7:15am and arriving in Houston at 8:53am. Then shortly after that we will all be meeting a Hilton Garden Inn somewhere in the city to have our staging event where we will be receiving a ton of information in literally less than 5 hours. We also get our official Peace Corps Passport to travel with during our time serving. Then bright and early that next day, at 3:30am, our entire cohort leaves for Guatemala together! What an exciting thing to look forward to! Not so much the 3:30am part, buuuut I am sure we will all be super exited and wide awake anyways on that day 🙂

I will be posting periodic blog posts throughout the next 38 days with my experiences in packing my life for 27 months ❤️✌️ Peace out Girl Scout!


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