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Wow I’m Bad at Blogging…

Wow. So it’s been over a month since my last blog. So much has happened that there is not enough space in this blog to mention it all… So I’m just going to give a few fun highlights as to what has happened in the past 4 weeks 🙂

Week 2: We ended up having the privilege of taking part in a local event that happens during “feria” for the pueblos of Guatemala called “los toritos” which is where they create these crazy firework contraptions that look just like wooden bulls but FULL of fireworks. There is a person that wears it like a costume and runs around shooting fireworks at everyone in the street. Yes that’s legal lol. It was CRAZYYYYY. But literally the most fun thing I’ve done in a while hahaha. Pictures will be attached!!! It was the most scared yet most excited I’ve been in a long time.

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Week 3: This week was spent in our CBT community and consisted of language classes (with our MARAVILLOSA LCF who we love and adore dearly) , interviews with our CD (who is absolutely PRECIOUS by the way), our PTM (who is also SÚPER BUENA GENTE), zumba sessions (free), we also made oreo balls for the 5th time lol (yes we have a problem, no we do not care lol so don’t judge us), we also made some paper pumpkins to help us remember fall back home 🙂 And we had PIZZA AND CHEESY FRIES (BLESS BLESS BLESS).

Week 4: This week I got to try Guatemalan Ceviche (which was very delicious and very different from the Costa Rican Ceviche I know and love dearly….) My host mom also makes some KICK BUTT SOUPS. Also my host sister loves my hair and wanted to straighten it, so she did lol. It was beautiful! She’s such a precious soul. La quiero mucho Angeles!

Week 5: This week we had FBT (field based training) in a local pueblo. We had the best time getting to know how real life PCV life is 🙂 Our lovely PCV host was wonderful! We watched movies, made cookies, cooked amazing fajitas and pancakes, visited some of her socios (workpartners) and even got to teach a lesson at one of her schools! It was such a good learning experience. We also had dinner one of those nights during FBT with another RPCV from Guatemala 96-99!!!!!! She is just living her best life here in Guatemala with her amazing house and life and everything… She’s my spirit animal for sho.

Week 6: This week we visited a local Macadamia Farm and got to see the billion Macadamia trees that Guatemala has. We also got to sample some chocolate and had mini facials! It was a lovely day to say the least lol. Also this week was Halloween week and Día de los Santos day! So for Halloween me and another colleague dressed up as piñatas (we were super cute). Another CBT community dressed up as Scooby Doo characters and it was adorable as well. B12 is the best, that’s all there is to say lol. On November 2nd, Guatemala celebrated Día de los Santos and it was the most beautiful experience I’ve ever had in my life. The feeling of family and the beautiful traditions that take place is breathtaking in itself. We went back and forth to and from the cemetery about 8 different times to bring flowers, eat snacks, and just simply spend time with family alive and family that have passed on. There was music, kite flying, food (the best thing ever called “fiambre”), joy, pride, love, honor, passion, and so many other things and emotions. It brought me to tears to just see the amount of effort and love and passion that goes into this one simple day that so many of us US Americans have no experience with nor knowledge of. I wish I could have transported all of my prior students and friends and family to this day to experience it with me. They all would have loved it. One day, Primero Dios, they will get the opportunity to experience this incredible holiday in this beautiful country.

That pretty much brings me to today: NO MORE CAST!!!!! I’M CAST FREE!!!! WOOOOO!!!


Today is day 55 in Guatemala (our first free day in Antigua) and I am loving every moment of it. I can’t believe I’ve already been here that long. I’ve experienced the first 6 weeks of Guatemala with an annoying cast on my arm because of a small little very painful frisbee accident… But I survived 🙂 My thumb is stiff and sore but it is functional lol. Poco a poco! We had site interviews Thursday and now we wait until November 22nd (Thanksgiving) to find out our sites! EEEEEKKKKK!!!! Anyways, I just want to take this last line or two to tell everyone back home that reads my blog thank you and I miss y’all dearly! I have been a busy mess this past month, but I want you all to know not a second goes by I don’t have y’all in the back of my mind and heart 🙂 I will do my best to update each week like I originally planned. Having two posable thumbs makes life so much easier… Y’all have no idea how grateful I am that thing is off my arm lol.

Con mucho amor,