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Week 1: host fam, PST, language training and FUN❤️🇬🇹❤️

“Wait, I’ve only been here a week?!” Is something you’d likely hear any of the PCTs say at this point. Like seriously, time moves slower in Guate. I feel like I’ve been here in my first site for way longer than just 1 week!

This week (and several prior days) has been full of ups and downs for many of us. From random (destructive) encounters from frisbees, to stomach bugs, adjusting to the Guate lifestyle, finding fun walking/running locations, visits to the community “Féria”, awkward yet beautiful first encounters with host families, language classes, breathtaking yet mildly concerning views of volcanoes that are actively spitting red hot lava out of its mouth, trying new foods, brushing my teeth in a pila, learning how to hand wash clothes in pila, cold yet refreshing showers, scouring the city for an Internet cafe, crazy roller coaster rides on the public transportation (extremely hard with one hand to grip the oh crap bar), visits to the church, cooking on la parrilla, to refreshing cool Guatemalan breezes.

As you can see, this week has been a blunder of events. But if I had to sum up this week into one word, I’d have to say: BRUH. Jk haha. I’d say: GIBIHFBILMCMCMHFAPCFGMTIO (only PSTs and PCVs will get this acronym joke 🤣)

Guatemala is beautiful, I hate frisbees, but I love my community, mis compañeros, my host family and Peace Corps for giving me this incredible opportunity.

Stay tuned for week 2. But in the meantime, enjoy my favorite pics from this week ❤️🇬🇹


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