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Today is THE DAY. Hoy es EL DÍA.

Well today is the day. The day that I say goodbye or rather “see you later” to everything I’ve known and completely hop ship into a whole other world. Am I scared? Not really. Am I sad? Yes. But not as much anymore because all the goodbyes are finally over with. Saying goodbye to my family and dog and friends was one of the saddest things I’ve had to do. But a wise witty soul once told me: “your friends and family will still be your friends and family no matter where you go.” I know that no matter what I have their love and support and that makes all the difference in this transition. Am I excited? ABSOLUTELY. I am beyond ready to begin this journey. I literally cannot believe this day has finally came. It feels like yesterday I was just putting in my application. My brain is having a hard time fathoming that this is real. I feel like any moment I could just wake up and all of this could be fake. But it’s not! It’s real! I’m moving to Guatemala!

I am currently in the Pensacola International Airport and the fun adventures have already begun and I haven’t even arrived to Guate yet! Flight delays are SO MUCH FUN YALL. So now instead of arriving at 8:53am in Houston, TX I’m arriving literally at 11:23am. LOL. It’s a 20 minute uber ride from the airport to the hotel and registration is at 12pm. So this should be interesting 😅 Managing two 50 pound suitcases and a 25 pound backpack while running to the parking area of the airport will be the highlight of the day. I just may get my 6 pack of abs in one day 🤣 Only time will tell. Anyways, I’m looking forward to meeting all of our team and learning a ton at staging! I can’t believe I’ll be in Guatemala tomorrow 😭🇬🇹☮️❤️ God is good y’all. So good. I pray for safe travels for everyone today! Also before ending this blog, you should be freaking ecstatic to know that both my pieces of luggage were UNDER 50 POUNDS AND I DIDNT HAVE TO PAY FOR OVERWEIGHT LUGGAGE!!!!! Like I said, God is good y’all. Alright! More blogs to come after staging takes place!!!! Love you all!


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