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First day wishes…

Well, today is a sad day. Today is the first day in 3 years that I haven’t been a teacher at Robertsdale High School on the first day of school. It didn’t hit me until this morning when my little brother was walking out the door for his first day of middle school. Today I feel unemployed. I feel like I should be doing something, working, like I should be at RHS with all my co-workers and amazing students. But I’m not. I sometimes find myself forgetting (for a split second) that I am joining the Peace Corps. That’s when reality hits. But that’s not what this post is about. This post is about my precious students. I wish for you each to have the best first day of school you’ve ever had! I wish that you enjoy each of your classes. I wish that you will be a friend to someone who needs it this year. I wish that you study hard for all your tests and quizzes and projects. I wish that you give 110% effort in everything you do, but I wish that you don’t over stress. I wish that you take each day and remember how blessed you each are. I wish that you would know how much each of you are loved and that no matter what turns life may take you down, you will always have someone in your corner! I wish each of you the very best in everything you pursue. And lastly, I wish that you all give up on your frustration but never on your hopes. Give up thinking about your setbacks but never on your goals. Give up worrying about your past but never on your future. And remember that Señorita Cincotta loves you all!


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